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Moon Phases Enamel Pin

Moon phases with a blue background

This design is inspired by my favorite celestial object: the Moon. When the Moon is veiled by clouds or beyond the horizon, this pin is there to remind us of her beauty in all her phases!

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Water is Life

Water is Life

I created this in response to the water crisis in Flint, MI and other places. Water is all I drink for the most part so I take it for granted but I’m reminded others do not have access to clean water.

Started with a sketch, moved into Illustrator for the lettering, and then Photoshop for the watercolor color texture I painted.


The Greatest Adventure

The Greatest Advanture is What Lies Ahead

The 1970s animated adaptation of the Hobbit is one of my favorites so I wanted to create a hand-lettered piece from the main song “The Ballad of The Hobbit”. Lyrics by Jules Bass.