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  1. Three Daughters

  2. Personal Bio Creation Kit

    They are: Activist, Actor, Actress, Artist, Bboy, Bgirl, Boricua Woman, California Dude, Businessman, Chicana, Chicano, Dancer, Geek, Musician, African-American Professor, Pinay, Pinoy, African-American Professor, Tejano Man, Writer, Xicana, and Xicano Launch screens, icons, and ad.

  3. Paramount/MD Avatars

  4. Valentines Cards

    [Updated August 2014] I started learning and practicing hand-lettering so I thought I’d update this valentine card. Previous Design Love happens in the brain, duh. Hate is such a strong word.

  5. Shawn the Pirate

    Animated Process

  6. Sansa Stark

    I wanted to include text with her but with input from others, I removed it as it distracts from Sansa. A child of ice born in the summer. Animated Process

  7. Cindi Mayweather

    Different stills from her music video “Primetime” were used as references to create this portrait. Basically, it does not exist in the video. Cindi Mayweather as portrayed by Janelle Monáe Animated Process

  8. Jim Palmer

    Jim Palmer, #22 Boston Orioles. See it at Chesapeake Sports Club. Jim Palmer, Present

  9. Geek Cast Live Portraits

    The Gamer Girl The Knight The Time Lord The Steampunk Girl The Superhero

  10. The Owl